Heading back to Breakthrough

Late last week I got confirmation that I’ll be heading back to Moscow for Breakthrough Festival. It’s been four years since I was last in Moscow (also at Breakthrough Festival) and it’ll be great to head back there and see the friendly Moscow Mountainboarders again. I have fond memories of and in Moscow, and I’m looking forward to making some more.

Whenever I’ve been to Breakthrough Festival in the past it’s been in February instead of the start of April so it should be significantly warmer this time! On the downside though, there has always been a big crew of boarders out there but it’s been cut down recently. Even with the numbers reduced to 2, I’m glad I’m heading out with Nicky G – together I think we can put in a great performance.

I got my visa application in on Friday – you used to be able to apply by post but that was changed a few years ago so it was a good job I was working from home on Friday (so I could start extra early to finish extra early) and be able to get in to London before the visa office close. My passport and visa are due back next Monday so it could be a close one with my flights leaving on the Wednesday morning… It’ll be fine though, I’ve never had a visa issue in the past.

This year the jump is bigger than at any previous Breakthrough Festival I have attended and I’m really excited about that – the smallest gap being 8m (about 26ft) so it should be a little reminiscent of Nitro Circus. I haven’t done a double backflip for what must be a good two and a half years now so it’ll be excellent to have the opportunity to throw some again on a big jump (the bigger the jump, the easier they are) as well as sending some more double frontflips. I got some good practice in the foam pit at Hereford BBP on Saturday (in between strimming the new downhill course and discussing the Orange track changes) and I’m feeling pretty confident.

I don’t think either jump will be big enough for me to double cork (I’ve only done them on a 40ft (12m) gap) but that’s OK. There isn’t anywhere to practice double corks in a safe way and I think we all know I’m not the kind of rider to just throw it out there unprepared. I’ll be pretty glad if it’s not big enough to send a double cork haha!

It’s going to be great catching some extended hang-time and doing some super floaty spins, that’s for sure. It’s going to be some great practice ahead of the World Champs as well – if I can throw all my tricks on a jump that’s bigger than the biggest jump at the World’s, then I’ll have no reason to be put off by the size of the jump and tricks I want to pull.

The last big test is that I’m going to attempt the jump on the Matrix 2 trucks with the custom shock blocks. I’m a touch nervous after seeing a bunch more pictures of broken top hangers, but I’m taking my Matrix Pros with me as a back-up so if it feels sketchy at any point I can just switch back. If I get through it with the 2s though, I’ll be confident riding them on any and all terrain this Summer and there are some great benefits to be had from riding lighter, shorter wheelbase trucks.

Really, it’s all looking trumps and I’m itching to head out there next Wednesday!

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