Great year ahead

It’s been a busy time for me recently. Outside of my job I have been undergoing some training for the last few months which has really been eating up my time. Throw in Christmas, New Years, Anniversaries and Birthdays and suddenly the end of October became the start of March.

With the completion of my extra curricular training a few weeks ago, I suddenly found myself with some free time. That’s given me time to start riding more again and thinking about the year ahead.

I’ve had a few awesome rides this month with Andy and started working on competition systems again and things have been going great. I found my thoughts drifting to the year ahead and it promises to be pretty epic.

From Aus Mountainboarders getting their demo ramp revamped and some shows booked up, to Hale’s Board and Bike Park’s permanent planning permission application showing signs of being accepted, there’s a great year ahead.

Being in the fortunate position of ‘in the loop’, I know how hard the Slovenians are currently working, and how hard they are going to work in the build up to the event, and I can say with confidence that this year’s World Championships is going to be truly special and unique. I think the track is going to be a wild ride and super fun, and if they pull off ‘Plan Awesome’ for the Freestyle, it will be a next level set-up and something mountainboarding hasn’t seen yet.

We have a growing events calendar too with events ranging from meet-ups and learn to rides to newer style sessions like skatepark comps and RhythmX. With Trampa behind me, things are looking positive that I should make more international events this year and I couldn’t be happier about that. Perhaps this is finally the year I return to Monte Penice and their carving nirvana….

I’m also really excited to see how Andy progresses this year. If our first few sessions of the year are anything to go by, this could well be his year. I sing his praises often, but something is different this year – it’s like his board has become an appendage, like he no longer has to think about anything and has complete trust in himself and the board. Whether or not there is a change there, he is really progressing in Freestyle right now. He’s always loved getting loads of air, but never been too bothered with tricks. Now he’s learned to flip a quarter and throw bs cork 7 mutes within a month, as well getting ridiculously comfy with all kinds of crazy grabs with fs 3s and 5s! If he keeps this rate of progression up, he’ll finally be a serious contender for the Overall title. I’ve learned a few new maneuvers of my own (see below) which is always great, it’s fun to progress.

Lastly, this year holds a special potential for me as well. Whether or not anyone realises or cares, this year I’ll be attempting to win my 10th UK Championship title in a row, and have the chance to land World Titles number 8, 9 and 10. I’m super focused on the 10th UK title, especially as it would take at least another 10 years to get another shot at it if I blow it, but it would be a nice coincidence if I pull another Compiegne miracle out the bag and fly away from Slovenia with the BoarderX, Freestyle and Overall titles. I think winning something 10 times is a huge achievement, but 10 in a row is pretty damn rare and even though our sport is small, I would see it as a huge achievement and be proper proud of myself if I can claim one more Overall UK crown this year.

In the immediate future, I go snowboarding in just over a week and it can’t come soon enough!!!!! On the mountainboard side, Spring is around the corner and it’s time to start strapping your mountainboards on and getting out for a shred, no excuses.

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