Back on Board

It’s been my longest stint off a mountainboard due to injury, but it’s finally over; it’s been 3 long months but I’m back on board! Pump Track Last weekend was my first time back – a Facebook Live ‘Ride Along’ at Andy’s local bmx track. The video was only half an hour or so but […]

Cast off

The cast is off and I’m not in a boot!! I can walk again!! Well, a little premature, I can limp and hobble. The doctor said it’d be around 10 days until I’m walking normally again but at least I’m on two feet and walking slowly – without a stick on even ground and with […]

Broken Ankle!

I’ve only gone and broken my ankle! Well, kind of. I’ve chipped the bottom of my tibia and badly sprained the ligaments on the outside of my ankle – all of it’s in my ankle and saying I’ve broken my leg definitely doesn’t feel right… you decide: I gone done an accidental! My second ever […]