MWBC Pro Category Stats

A couple of years ago, I noticed that there wasn’t one sole record of results from Mountainboard World BoarderX Championships (MWBC) and that seemed a shame. Since then, I have made sure to collect the results myself, even if they are just for my records. Having collected the data, and having little to do one […]

Breakthrough Festival 2017

The Apology I’m starting this week off with an apology – I haven’t kept to my weekly target recently for various reasons. For anyone who reads my blog regularly and enjoys my posts, and also directed at myself, I apologise. As is typical to my working style, I have quite a lot of blog posts […]

Snowboard Holiday

Firstly, apologies for not putting out a blog post last week although I feel I have good reason and will divulge further on that later but for now, I am back! After spending a week in La Plagne with friends snowboarding, I have returned to regular life. The weekly blog resumes. This time I thought […]

Back on Board

It’s been my longest stint off a mountainboard due to injury, but it’s finally over; it’s been 3 long months but I’m back on board! Pump Track Last weekend was my first time back – a Facebook Live ‘Ride Along’ at Andy’s local bmx track. The video was only half an hour or so but […]