Cast off

The cast is off and I’m not in a boot!! I can walk again!! Well, a little premature, I can limp and hobble. The doctor said it’d be around 10 days until I’m walking normally again but at least I’m on two feet and walking slowly – without a stick on even ground and with […]

The ‘Joel’ Paradox

What am I talking about? I’m refering to the curious case of Joel Treliving (let me finish) turning up to #mwbc16 and placing 3rd in the Pro category having barely ridden in the last few years. Now, Joel isn’t the only person in mountainboarding to demonstrate the ‘Joel’ Paradox, but he is the most high […]

Broken Ankle!

I’ve only gone and broken my ankle! Well, kind of. I’ve chipped the bottom of my tibia and badly sprained the ligaments on the outside of my ankle – all of it’s in my ankle and saying I’ve broken my leg definitely doesn’t feel right… you decide: I gone done an accidental! My second ever […]

Guinness World Record

Sometimes you get an email you weren’t expecting and it’s great news. That happened for me today – I got an email from the Deputy Picture Editor at Guinness World Records London! She emailed me to ask/inform me that I was going to be included in the 2017 Guinness Book of World Records for Most […]

S/DOTC Spreadsheet

Recently, I have found that I get very intense bursts of focus separated by some large unmotivated gaps (I’ve always been a procrastinator). I’ve known that the Season/Discipline, Overall and Team Challenge (S/DOTC) spreadsheet has needed a big overhaul for a while and I’ve been putting it off as I hadn’t thought much about how […]

Thank You

I wouldn’t be the person I am without the influence of many, many people. I’d like to post a few thank you’s to some of the stand out characters. I owe a lot to Nick and Alison Smith, Ian ‘Chuck’ Pluck, Pete and Dave Hills and of course my family for getting me started on […]

Success and welcome

Success! If you read my first blog post, then you understand! It turned out it was quite simply to create the blog once I had read the instructions – fancy that?! So welcome to my website and specifically my blog! Here I will talk about things that interest me and stuff I have thought about, […]

Testing the blog

Yo! So I’m going to be writing an infrequent blog for my website. Partly as a journal-ing device and partly to get some of my thoughts out there for those that may find it interesting. This first post is mostly me saying I’m going to do a blog and then testing that I can actually […]