Colab Phase 1

Colab Phase 1 is done! We’re a step closer to getting the boards out there and the community has something tangible to know that the ball is rolling, as opposed to taking our constant reassurance that things are in the works! What was Phase 1? Phase 1 was the creation of a logo, the Colab […]

The James Curiosity

While washing up, my mind wandered to the World BoarderX Championships and Beiran. I realised that he and James Wanklyn had very similar results. After taking a look, I saw that they were neck and neck as the 3rd most successful rider at the Championships; Beiran with 3rd, 5th, 7th and James with 4th, 4th, […]

2017 Goals

Setting goals It’s the New Year – the perfect time to look back and reflect, and look forwards and dream. I’m a very goal driven person so setting targets is a big part of getting focus and enthusiam to do things. I have a bunch of goals this year, as every year, but here’s the […]

Cast off

The cast is off and I’m not in a boot!! I can walk again!! Well, a little premature, I can limp and hobble. The doctor said it’d be around 10 days until I’m walking normally again but at least I’m on two feet and walking slowly – without a stick on even ground and with […]