MWBC Pro Category Stats

A couple of years ago, I noticed that there wasn’t one sole record of results from Mountainboard World BoarderX Championships (MWBC) and that seemed a shame. Since then, I have made sure to collect the results myself, even if they are just for my records. Having collected the data, and having little to do one […]

Breakthrough Festival 2017

The Apology I’m starting this week off with an apology – I haven’t kept to my weekly target recently for various reasons. For anyone who reads my blog regularly and enjoys my posts, and also directed at myself, I apologise. As is typical to my working style, I have quite a lot of blog posts […]

Snowboard Holiday

Firstly, apologies for not putting out a blog post last week although I feel I have good reason and will divulge further on that later but for now, I am back! After spending a week in La Plagne with friends snowboarding, I have returned to regular life. The weekly blog resumes. This time I thought […]

Back on Board

It’s been my longest stint off a mountainboard due to injury, but it’s finally over; it’s been 3 long months but I’m back on board! Pump Track Last weekend was my first time back – a Facebook Live ‘Ride Along’ at Andy’s local bmx track. The video was only half an hour or so but […]

Mountainboard Shoes

There were recently a couple of blog posts on Remolition about mountainboarding footwear/shoes – it was great to see these and have a read as it means, once again, I’m not the only one thinking about these things! In true Rem fashion, they went more along the freeride and hiking road (seeing as they are […]