Thank You

I wouldn’t be the person I am without the influence of many, many people. I’d like to post a few thank you’s to some of the stand out characters. I owe a lot to Nick and Alison Smith, Ian ‘Chuck’ Pluck, Pete and Dave Hills and of course my family for getting me started on […]

Success and welcome

Success! If you read my first blog post, then you understand! It turned out it was quite simply to create the blog once I had read the instructions – fancy that?! So welcome to my website and specifically my blog! Here I will talk about things that interest me and stuff I have thought about, […]

Testing the blog

Yo! So I’m going to be writing an infrequent blog for my website. Partly as a journal-ing device and partly to get some of my thoughts out there for those that may find it interesting. This first post is mostly me saying I’m going to do a blog and then testing that I can actually […]